Sunday, April 13, 2014

Understanding Breast Reduction Surgery

While some women are desperately looking for ways to increase the size of their breasts, there are others who are 'overly blessed' and have extremely large breasts that are uncomfortable to have. Extremely large bosoms have a lot of health problems. For example, due to their weight, the breasts cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders.
Also, as a result of the weight of the bosoms, bra straps dig into the shoulders and leave lashes, abrasions and even permanent grooved indentations. Furthermore, women with extremely large breasts can suffer from teasing and ogling which often causes embarrassment and other emotional issues.

Due to the problems associated with large bosoms, it's wise to consider breast reduction surgery. Although, the surgery improves the proportion of a woman's body making the woman more beautiful, the surgery is not regarded as cosmetic surgery. This is because it's used to alleviate the health problems associated with large bosoms.

How the procedure is done
The procedure is done by a qualified surgeon. To ensure that you have no pain during the procedure, the surgeon uses anesthesia. Two incisions are made: one on each side of the breast (below the areola), and another above the nipple. Through the incisions, excess fat, skin, and tissue are suctioned from the breasts. Usually a cannula is used in suctioning. Excess body fluids are collected with a special drainage tube.
Once the body fluids and fat are suctioned, the incisions are sutured. The procedure lasts for three to four hours, and the patient is required to stay in hospital for two to three days after the procedure.
During the patient's stay, doctors analyze the condition of the patient and ensure that the patient is in stable condition before allowing the patient to go home. Although, you can resume normal activities seven days after surgery, it's recommended that you stay away from strenuous activities for six to eight weeks.

Advantages of the procedure
The main advantage of the procedure is that it eliminates the pain, and embarrassment that comes with overly large breasts. After the surgery, women fit clothes more comfortably, have breasts that are proportional to their body's flame, and above all, they have increased levels of self confidence and esteem.

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