Friday, April 11, 2014

Shortcomings of Invisible Braces That You Need to Live With

Invisible braces are all the rave these days. Invisalign treatments, which involve these types of braces, have gotten really popular. Who doesn't want invisible braces? They are virtually unnoticeable. They get the job done just as well as the traditional metal brace. They are, most of the time, removable. Finally, you get a preview of the smile that you will be having when you're done with the treatment.
Alas, invisible braces aren't perfect. With its numerous advantages, something has got to give. Most of the disadvantages that come with these braces aren't that hard to live with, though. For instance, while they are unnoticeable to some, people who finally notice it will never be able to "un-see" it. As these braces tend to reflect light in certain ways, people will be able to tell that your shiny teeth aren't because of your excellent dental hygiene practices. Chances are you'll be pestered about it just like you would when wearing metal braces, although to a lesser extent.

Also, while they are just as effective as the metal brace, there's a slight difference in how long you have to wear them. Invisible braces tend to be worn longer; sometimes twice the duration of the metal brace. This is due to a few factors. First, invisible braces do not exert as much force as a metal brace to facilitate removal whenever necessary. This leads to a slower progress in teeth straightening. The upside of this is that it is more comfortable than metal braces.
The fact that these braces are removable is seen as an advantage over its traditional counterpart. However, this doesn't come with a cost. Metal braces are proven to be effective simply because you have no choice but to wear them. Since invisible braces act like dental gloves, you have no choice but to remove them from time to time, especially when you're going to eat. Removing these braces too frequently results in an even longer treatment time.
You may be asking why you need to remove these kind of braces when eating. This is because they have terrible bite. Let's put it this way: If you're wearing these braces, it's futile to try untying your hands by biting on the rope. Not only do invisible braces have terrible bite for eating, they can get damaged if you use them while munching on something. And if you know your invisible braces, you know that it's a costly procedure that comes with costly replacements.

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