Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Private Planes

In a world where speed is on the first place, and time is money, transport will be modernized. To fly has become the fastest way to travel. But for business today, usual flights are no longer sufficient. If you have a meeting in Rome at 09.00, at 14.00 you have to check out the works in London, and at 18.00 you must solve an emergency situation in Paris, it remains one solution: private plane.

More and more important people in the world of international business are willing to pay small fortunes to buy their own aircraft to ensure a fast connection between their routes. Besides, if this trend has become an important pawn in obtaining revenue from business, is also a source of cost recovery because it can be hired when you take a break from bussines.

Costs are high when it comes to aircrafts. A small aircraft, with only 4 places and conditions not just at the highest standard starts from at least 5 million dollars. For a wooden interior, air conditioning and a larger number of seats the price can reach 10 million dollars. Some of the most expensive private jets have bedrooms, impeccable bathrooms, at least one conference room and space dedicated specifically to serving food. Capacity is between 24 and 63 people plus another 3-6 places dedicated for the crew. One of the largest aircraft has a usable area of 75 square meters, equivalent to a spacious apartment with 2 rooms. But the most expensive private aircraft of all time is the Gulfstream V-SP, whose acquisition cost is $ 45 million. For a businessman whose purpose is to control its people and businesses at any price, even at high cost that plane price becomes acceptable.

Besides business people who are always "on the run" and hold such aircraft, celebrities also own their private planes. Personalities who enjoy a very high notoriety like Celine Dion, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg have at least one private jet but the list continues with a lot of other celebrities.

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