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Arm Lift Surgery

Factors such as aging, liposuction or weight loss can result to loose hanging skin on the upper arms. When people find themselves with loose skin on the upper arms, they tend to wear long sleeved clothes in order to hide the annoying loose flaps of skin. Unfortunately, it's not possible to hide the 'bingo wings' forever.
If you have 'bingo wings', the best way to get rid of them is to undergo arm lift surgery or brachioplasty as it's called in medical terms.

How the procedure is done

Before the procedure is done, patients are
briefed by surgeons about the entire process and what to expect. This helps patients to be prepared psychologically of what is to come. After the surgeon has explained everything and you are sure that you want to undergo the procedure, the surgeon will inject you with anesthesia to ensure that you have little or no pain during surgery.
After anesthesia, the surgeon makes a long incision along the border of the arm. From the incision, the surgeon removes the extra fat and skin. The length of time that the procedure takes to complete solely depends on how much of the fat and skin needs to be removed. The good side is that once the procedure is complete and the surgeon is certain that you are in stable condition, you are allowed to go home on the same day.

 Advantages of the procedure

\The obvious advantage of the procedure is that the procedure gets rid of the loose skin. After the loose skin has been done away with, you became more confident of yourself; therefore, you can wear even the shortest sleeved shirts without worrying about the unsightly 'bingo wings'.
The procedure is safer compared to other types of surgeries such as tummy tuck surgery. This is because the procedure has minimal chances of developing complications since no sensitive parts of the body are involved.

Disadvantages of the procedure

As a result of the long incision made, a large scar develops. The scar is unsightly if exposed. The good thing is that the incision is made under the arm where it is impossible for other people to see the scar.
The procedure exposes you to risks such as bacterial infections and bleeding. To ensure that you minimise the side effects, you should ensure that the procedure is done by a qualified and experienced surgeon.

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