Monday, July 7, 2014

Simple Exercise Can Do for Healthy Eyes

Vision is the most important sense for most people. We rely on our vision to help us do just about everything, from the dress to cook food for the care of children and pets to driving will perform our duties in the workplace. Without the ability to see, our lives would be dramatically different.

That is why it is important to maintain good vision. We train our bodies to keep them in optimum condition. Fortunately, you can do the same with your eyes see. Here are some quick and easy step exercises you can do to keep your vision free from damage.

Start with the Warm-up

You may not engage in intense exercise without warming your body, right? The same goes for your eyes. Start by cupping your palms and cover your eyes. Imagine total darkness. If you only see darkness, uncover your eyes and repeat several times.

eye movement

Your parents may not like when they say something you do not like and you roll your eyes at them. However, the actual eye rolling is a good exercise for your eyes.
This exercise is easy to do. Just roll eyes clockwise for one minute, then turn and go the opposite direction for a minute. This helps your eyes retain strength and agility.

Other eye movements that you can do include up and down movement. Move your eyes up and down eight times, then move it from side to side, repeated eight times. Be careful to not force your eyes too far in one direction, such that you can make your vision worse.

Exercises focus

Select two objects - one that is less than 30 feet away and one that is more than 150 meters away. Focus on a distant object for about 15 seconds. Next, focus on objects close to the same amount of time. Back to the distant object and repeat five times.

Another focus of the exercises that can be done is to hold a pencil or other object in front of you, at arm's length away. Slowly bring the object into your nose and follow it with your eyes until you can no longer focus. Repeat 10 times for you life and you can benefit.

Finish with a massage

Who does not love a good massage? Relax your eyelids to close your eyes and massage them in a circular motion you have can for 1-2 minutes. Next, To lightly press three fingers of the each hand to your eyelids. Hold them there for a few seconds, release and repeat. Finish with a warm compress by soaking a towel in warm water and apply it on the eyelids closed.

Margrett F White is obsessed with all aspects of the medical field but he is most excited to see happy clients come back next time. He believes that a person only gets one chance to make a first impression! Having recently attended a Vision Therapy program he wrote this article is about how to keep your eyes healthy and youthful

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