Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How did they get their hair to look like that?

Every one watch a television show, and wonder how did they get their hair to look like that? Peoples hair are not naturally full and long, but if you where watching Tyra or Oprah, you sure wouldn’t think that. That is because of the growing use of hair extensions and Lace front wigs on television and on the big screen.
Tyra Banks and Beyonce use lace front wigs, a form of hair enhancement. It works by having your hair braided tight to your scalp, and a lace wig applied on the top of your head with either adhesive or tape. This style, very popular with African American women, allow you to have great, full, care free hair, and a change in texture from Yaki Hair which is typically associated with African American Women. Patricia, from http://www.NYCHairSalon.com,
a famous hair salon that specializes in Hair extensions and Lace front wigs, has seen a surge in demand for these types of hair pieces due to Mainstreet following their celebrity stars. Lace Front Wigs are the hottest thing right now for African American Women, she explains. You can’t get that European Hair Look with them that are why they are so popular today she says.
Hair Extensions are also a way to extended your hair, an obtain body and length. This method can be done in many ways, but the most popular is using pre-bonded hair with keratin. The keratin is then attached with heat to the hair near the scalp, making it virtually invisible. Brittney Spears, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, all use hair extensions. You can’t get that look without them Patricia explains. Your hair doesn’t grow that way so if you want full sexy hair, you will need hair extensions or a lace front wig” she says. So now, if you ever wondered how she got that look, you know the answer.

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