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How Does The Growth Hormone Affect Height?

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most important regulatory enzymes in the human body. It is produced in the pituitary gland, a small pea-sized organ, at the base of the brain. This hormone is responsible for how our bodies grow and develop. HGH has garnered popularity as an active ingredient in fat-busting, anti-aging and muscle-building supplements. However, not many of us know that it is included in height growth supplements as well.
If you are struggling to add a few inches to your petite frame, it will help to understand the working of the Human Growth Hormone. We've given you a brief introduction in the paragraph above, but let's take a detailed look at the facts.

HGH and Height Increase
The Human Growth Hormone controls cellular and bone development in the body. On entering the bloodstream, it directs the liver to secrete another hormone called Insulin Growth Factor -1. It is this chemical substance actually regulates your weight and height. Thus, if you want to increase height, you should support the natural production of HGH by eating well and exercising regularly.
The production of HGH is highest during puberty. This accounts for the rapid growth during puberty. As we age, the production of HGH dwindles, but growth does not stop. The body grows and develops but only at a slower speed. Age is not the only factor that regulates th
e amount of HGH produced in the body. A reduced amount of HGH is in many cases the result of a genetic defect, a dysfunctional pituitary gland, problems in brain function, liver disease, lack of oxygen at birth or an autoimmune attack. All these factors affect the synthesis of HGH and thereby stunt growth.

HGH Deficiency
Deficiency of the hormone is usually observed in childhood. It is often diagnosed in the form of growth disturbances usually the child does not reach the normal weight and height for his or her age. It is also measured in terms of the child's height in relation to his parents' height as full-grown adults.
In case of children, doctors prescribe synthetically produced HGH to make up for the deficiency of the hormone. HGH supplements are available at a medical store. They are available in the form of pills or injections. Children are usually administered injections. The major drawback of injections is they are expensive. Supplements are preferred because of their cost (cheaper cost than injection) and second because they are easily absorbed by the body.
Whenever you start taking supplements and injections, you should consult your doctor and use them under their supervision. Throughout use it is necessary to monitor the person for side effects.

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